Pink Monkey’s bombastic approach to jazz is based on the belief that music is meant to be experienced, not just heard.  The trio consists of Tim Koelling, (TK) on saxophone, Nick Kokonas (Tom Selleck’s moustache on a plate of nachos) on drums, and Mike Koelling (The Baron Von Cakeman) on bass.  Self defined as rough jazz, the group sounds like Thelonious Monk, Charles Mingus, and John Coltrane got in a bar fight with The Ramones.

In 2006, Pink Monkey was formed in a small dirty apartment on the north side of Chicago.  Though they started out playing jazz standards, the group didn’t take long to start writing their own unique material, and adapt popular music covers to their unique style.  As the band’s sound evolved, so did their live performances.  Pink Monkey has received acclaim in many circles for their energetic performances that engage audiences and get them kicked out of martini bars.