The News!

Hello Pink Monkey fans.  It’s been a minute.  To catch up briefly:

The Baron has been working on a few of his side projects, including a U2 cover band and developing a Chicago specific music site for musicians. Check it out at

TK has been busy gigging and writing for Four Star Brass Band and Band Called Catch, as well as starting his own website, while continuing to write for Pink Monkey.

Nixxi Koko has been working hard, saving money, and is planning to open his own restaurant/bar in Chicago in the near future.

In Pink Monkey related news, we’ve got a gig coming up in March, playing for a Chicago Hot Glass party! Details are forthcoming, and if you can, you should come, it’s always a blast watching people create with molten sand.

Don’t forget to connect with us on Facebook – on that page you’ll see TK’s latest composition for the band.


See you soon, Internet!

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