Audio Hammock

Pink Monkey was recently featured on the Audio Hammock podcast, and they had some great things to say about Ink.  We’re always happy to hear that people out there are digging our strange jazz.  Audio Hammock is a great show.  You should check them out here.  If you want to skip right to episode 10 to hear what they had to say click here.



We’ve also got a new listener from reddit in r/bandmembers.  According to u/BrianNowhere:

It’s a crime of humanity that more people don’t like this kind of music. This is the kind of jazz that brings to mind the city at night, wet pavement reflecting the shifting colors of traffic lights, sewers spewing hot steam, hookers in white fishnet stockings, cigar smoking booze hounds stumbling out of pool halls. I love this.

Well, try as we might, we’ll probably never achieve the level of Frank Sinatra Stepping out of a helicopter with a drink in his hand.

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