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And We’re Back!

FlabbyWe know we’ve been out of touch, and we’re sorry.  Pink Monkey has actually been busy playing a lot of private events.  We want to make it up to you though, so next Saturday, November 22nd, we’re giving you two free ways to hear us:

First up will be the Flabby Hoffman Radio Extraveganza.  Tune in from 1-4 (we’re on at 2:15) at, or if you’re in Chicago, you can listen on 1680am.  We’ll even take some phone calls on the air, so call in and ask us anything at 312-985-7834.

Later that night, we’ll be performing a FREE show at the Mutiny.  Its our way of appologizing for being out of touch.  Come out and enjoy some really cheap drinks with us.  We’ll play some music too.  We’ll showcase some of our new stuff that will be on the next album.  If you want to hear what this is all about, come out and say hello!

New Videos!

We recently got together after a too long hiatus to play a short set for a J Inspired Events Fundraiser. Below are a couple of clips from our live version of It Was Yours, as well as a new (until now) unreleased tune, 1829!

It Was Yours:




We just received news that our track Grouch is about to reach 100 downloads on our Soundcloud page! A big thanks goes out to the fans who have downloaded and listened.  Soundcloud caps downloads at 100 per track, so just a reminder that you can pay what you want for Ink! over on our Bandcamp page.

Prepping for a private party tonight, but we’ll be back in the public eye soon! We’re working out some new tunes tonight for you, including a finalized, and as of yet played once or twice TK tune MBB (My Brazilian Bitch), and the live version of It Was Yours.

The News!

Hello Pink Monkey fans.  It’s been a minute.  To catch up briefly:

The Baron has been working on a few of his side projects, including a U2 cover band and developing a Chicago specific music site for musicians. Check it out at

TK has been busy gigging and writing for Four Star Brass Band and Band Called Catch, as well as starting his own website, while continuing to write for Pink Monkey.

Nixxi Koko has been working hard, saving money, and is planning to open his own restaurant/bar in Chicago in the near future.

In Pink Monkey related news, we’ve got a gig coming up in March, playing for a Chicago Hot Glass party! Details are forthcoming, and if you can, you should come, it’s always a blast watching people create with molten sand.

Don’t forget to connect with us on Facebook – on that page you’ll see TK’s latest composition for the band.


See you soon, Internet!

Some new recordings are in the works!

You may think we’ve been slacking off lately, and you’d be right! That doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about making more weird jazz. In fact, we’ve got some new material, and we’ve reworked some old stuff too! A little while ago TK and The Baron Von Cakeman started tracking out some demos for the next Pink Monkey release. We’re straying a little bit from our jazz roots on this one to explore some new and exciting sounds. You can check out a sneak preview below:

Now that the holidays are over, we’ll be attacking the new recordings head on. We don’t have a date yet, but we’ll keep you posted. Something new will be out in 2014!

Audio Hammock

Pink Monkey was recently featured on the Audio Hammock podcast, and they had some great things to say about Ink.  We’re always happy to hear that people out there are digging our strange jazz.  Audio Hammock is a great show.  You should check them out here.  If you want to skip right to episode 10 to hear what they had to say click here.



We’ve also got a new listener from reddit in r/bandmembers.  According to u/BrianNowhere:

It’s a crime of humanity that more people don’t like this kind of music. This is the kind of jazz that brings to mind the city at night, wet pavement reflecting the shifting colors of traffic lights, sewers spewing hot steam, hookers in white fishnet stockings, cigar smoking booze hounds stumbling out of pool halls. I love this.

Well, try as we might, we’ll probably never achieve the level of Frank Sinatra Stepping out of a helicopter with a drink in his hand.

Gearing up for Summer ’13

pink-monkey-3Has it really been since December since we’ve posted and update?  It feels like that was yesterday.  I suppose a lot has happened.  TK went back to Korea for a while and showed those of you in the east a few things.  The Barron Von Cakeman launched a new hard rock project, and Nick got a new job.

We’ve got some really cool shows coming up, and we’re just getting started.  We’re proud to announce that once again, we’ll be playing an r/chicago reddit meetup on 4/27 at Quenchers.  We’ve pulled in some outside talent to make this one special.  Formal attire is optional.

We also have a  show  at Wise Fools Pub on June 8th.  It will be our first time playing this staple Chicago Venue.  We’re pumped to say the least.

Finally, we’re teaming up with Squeeze Rock  and Paulene at Stage Bar on June 20th.  Who’s in the mood for some accordion rock?  We are!

We’re sorry to announce that stage bar has cancelled the show.  However, we will be playing Meadowfest again in August, so stay tuned for more details.





Yesterday, we logged on to Facebook and noticed that we were 15 likes away from hitting the century mark.  We put out the word, all of you out there in Facebookland came through in a big way.  As of yesterday, we hit 1000 likes on our fan page on Facebook.

The gratefulness we feel for all of your support can’t be put into words.  When we started this weird jazz project over five years ago, we didn’t know if we’d ever even generate enough interest to play a show.  Having over 1000 people tell us they like our music is really neat.  We’re still surprised that we found more than five of you that are into our inappropriate antics.  We’re going to be arranging something really cool soon to commemorate this event and thank you all for your support, so stay tuned.

Thank you all for your support.  This is why we do what we do.  Also, we’d like to give a special thanks to Brian, the King of Awesome, who was our 1000th fan.


Pink Monkey this Friday at Animal Kingdom

Pink Monkey is back! After our summer/fall hiatus we’re excited to be a part of the Chicago DIY music scene at Animal Kingdom. Check out the Facebook event here:

We hope to see you there!

The End of Summer – Pink Monkey News

An overdue hello to all of our fans out there!  Pink Monkey had an eventful end to the summer, continuing our Abbey Pub residency in August, then heading to Northern Michigan for our first ever music festival appearance.  There is some live audio floating around from Meadowfest, and the performance was described as “One of my favorite performances of the festival” by WIDR’s (Kalamazoo) own DJ Bosco.

Pink Monkey has been hard at work writing new songs and is making plans to head back to the studio some time this fall.  We’re hoping for another record to hit Spring 2013.

In the meantime, help support live original music in your city.  Keep an eye on this site, as well as our facebook page for upcoming shows and news!